Do Georg and Ulrich deserve death? Honestly, i don’t know. On one hand, no one really deserves death, and they were willing to make up, but on the other, they were willing to kill eachother without hesitation, and the only reason they made up was because they were going to die. Them dying stopped their feud, but if they lived then it would have stopped the feud between their families. Or them living and being friends could have made the fued worse. Really, it’s hard to judge wheather or not they deserved to die, but I think it would have been better for them and their families if they lived. So i guess my final answer is no, they didn’t really deserve to die.

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  1. Melody Armstrong Reply

    Andrew Gill:

    I would have to agree with you that, yes, generally no one deserves death. They were also willing to make up. So while I think that you’re right, they didn’t deserve to die, I also think that I would not have liked the story as much had they lived. So I enjoyed reading it more like this; it was more of interest to me, with a more compelling and surprising end. I doubt their survival could have made the feud much worse though; from what I gathered from the short story, they were the heads of their households, and if they were content being friends, I’m sure most of their family would have followed. But again, I agree with you completely that it is difficult to judge whether they deserved to die or not, especially considering death was the only real reason they made up.

    ~Melody Armstrong

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